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Stephen R. Clark

#Writer #Christian #Introvert

Oreland, Pennsylvania
Joined June 1996




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Yes, yes, I know. This website needs a serious refreshing. Eventually it will be. In the meantime ....

was around June of 1996 that I first put a website up on what was then a fledgling, mostly innocent Internet. That first site was essentially an elaborate -- for the times -- online resume.

The tools I had available were Word with MS Internet Assistants, CorelDraw, and a PC connected by a phone modem.

Having left AT&T, relocating from Piscataway, New Jersey to Indianapolis, Indiana, I needed a job. Indiana is my home state, but Indianapolis was a new experience.

When a job didn't come immediately, my website then morphed into a freelance business site.

Since then, the site has gone through many iterations, each time with a slightly different focus. Some versions were better than others. Some of the included material probably shouldn't have been from time to time.

Now this website, my "personal web pages," focuses on me and my writing. It feels a little weird and egotistical saying that, but it is the reality.

What lies within is a bio page (that includes a footnote about another with my name), a list of books I've been involved with, some writing odds and ends, and the full contents of my first book of poetry, The Godtouch. There are also links to my award-winning blog and my now separate business site.

Most of what's here will remain static with minor updates. What is more likely to change from time to time is what I share in the odds and ends section. Often this will be writing that doesn't appear anywhere else.

Hopefully as you click through you will find joy, amusement, something thoughtful and heartwarming, or maybe even challenging or affirming. At the least, may it be interesting and reasonably well-written.

Whatever you find, I pray that your visit will be worthwhile and your life blessed.

Feel free to email me at Stephen@StephenRClark.com to let me know what you think of what's here.





P.S. Other Stephen Clarks

Yes, there are others of us out there in the world. We are legion! But in a good sense.

One very nice Stephen who lives in England sometimes gets my emails. You can learn more about him at www.StephenClark.com (no R, and that's what causes the mix-ups). So, please be very careful when sending an email to me and make sure to get the R in there -- Stephen@StephenRClark.com.



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#Writer #Christian #Introvert
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