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Stephen R. Clark, CleverSmith™ Writing | Writing, Editing, Editorial Project Management
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A writer writes to be read and to share his life. Among other things, I am a writer. These pages are a kind of journal about my life, past and present, as well as a place to share some of the writing I've done.

You will discover poetry, fiction, devotionals, and more. Hopefully you will also find joy, amusement, something thoughtful and heartwarming, or maybe even challenging or affirming.

Whatever you find, I pray that your visit will be worthwhile and your life blessed. Let me know your thoughts: Stephen@StephenRClark.com.

And if you're looking for writing, editing, or otherStephen R. Clark's CleverSmith BLOG ™ communications help, please visit my business website at www.CleverSmithWriting.com.

Family. Meet my wife, parents, son, step-kids, sister, grandparents, the 3 B's, and some in-laws. And, yes, you can meet my two cats, Shadow and Peanut.

Books. I've contributed to a few and written a couple. You'll find details here and links for purchasing copies online.

Hash is a gallimaufry of writing. Collected here are odds and ends, and a quote by Bobby Knight! There's a good chance you'll find something to like in this mixed bag of miscellany, both old and new.

The Godtouch is the online version of my book of poetry originally published in 1985. I updated it in 2005, adding new poems. You can read all the poems here as well as buy the revised book.

About Stephen. Learn a little about the person behind this web site, both the factual and fictional!

Resume. For those who just want to get down to business or want a more in-depth view of my work experience, you'll discover those details here!

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