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"To speak to the heart and conscience of the nation."

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God has called me to travel the country, speaking to churches and Rev. John O. Andersongroups in seminars that focus on revival, prayer, knowing God, repentance, where we are as a society, and the Church's needed voice.

We are gripped to see revival in churches, and spiritual awakening in our nation - and any nation where we minister. As a nation we have become prideful, self-absorbed, and degenerate to the place we are arrogantly killing our unborn by the millions with their blood dripping from our collective hands; and we are rationalizing perversion to the point we have passed Sodom and Gomorrah and argue to include same-sex unions in the sacred bonds of marriage.

We deserve and face judgment. Certainly the lessons of Scripture show that God punished the stubbornly wicked Sodom and Gomorrah; and He graciously spared the repentant Nineveh. His is immeasurable justice to the rebellious unrepentant; and His is immeasurable patience to the humble penitent.

It is only God's mercy that we remain a nation.

It is in this context that our Lord has placed deep in our hearts the urgency to plant the seeds of biblical revival in churches and to speak into the heart and conscience of our beloved country.

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"John Anderson's message blows like a crisp, cool wind through the fog of compromise and sloppy thinking that envelopes so much of the contemporary church..."

Derek Prince


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