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John O. Anderson


"To speak to the heart and conscience of the nation."

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  John Anderson has been in the ministry for over 35 years, including 24 years serving three churches as pastor. 

In 1988 the Lord led John and his wife, Esther, into a traveling ministry; and for most of the next seven years they ministered primarily overseas in Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Israel and Chile. The release of his new book brought them back to America for ministry; and the book has opened such places for him as CBN's 700 Club. He has spoken at Focus on the Family. They are based in the Washington, D.C. area. John is editor of Pastor's Alert, a publication of The Alliance for Revival and Reformation.

When the Andersons returned to America after such an extensive time overseas, the Lord used their "culture shock" to press deeply into their hearts the nation's grievous moral and spiritual decline, with a desire "to speak to the heart and conscience of the nation", and to plant the seeds of revival in local churches.

The Andersons are now ministering in churches and groups across America and overseas, both in the seminars and general church engagements.

It continues to awe Esther and me at how our Lord birthed what is now called the Cry Ministry.

We remember that special Sunday some years back when as a pastor I preached from Hosea 4:1-2, a message which was simply part of a series on Amos and Hosea, but a message that launched the ministry - although no one at the time even considered such as a thing.

That Sunday morning was pivotal. The church was packed. I had been preparing the Hosea/Amos series over about six months, and the message from those first two verses of Hosea 4 had especially gripped me. In fact I had spent a major amount of time on the message, a message that made particular comparisons between the societies of Old Testament Israel and ours today, especially in the shedding of innocent blood and abortion.

That morning God gave a specially wonderful anointing. I spoke for perhaps 1 1/2 hours; and about 15 minutes before I finished I found myself so enormously gripped by both the sin of America and God's great love for us that I wept through those concluding minutes. Folks streamed to the front at the invitation, weeping, seeking the Lord. It was a watershed moment.

Eight months later a Catholic educator heard a cassette tape of the sermon, and, by his own statement, was very stirred. He did two things: He insisted I write the message (the book CRY OF THE INNOCENTS resulted), and He asked if I would give the message at an international conference that just happened to be scheduled in Rome the following September. Esther and I went to the conference, and I gave the message in a morning session. Again the Lord moved, and afterward I received other invitations. More invitations followed, and for five years while still a pastor I also traveled across the world in speaking itineraries.

Then, sensing that God was giving us a new direction, Esther and I resigned our pastorate and began to travel. As it happened, we spent most of the next years overseas in Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Chile and Israel, with some time in America; and I spoke in public meetings, the media, rallies, houses of parliament, universities and high schools, community gatherings, and in churches all across the religious spectrum, Protestant and Catholic.

My second book, THE CRY OF COMPASSION was released in Australia and New Zealand first, with a member of the Australia Federal Parliament, Alasdair Webster, writing the book's Foreword. Then the book was released in America with Bible teacher Derek Prince writing the Foreword. The book's release in America became the catalyst to bring us back to America and focus on "speaking to the heart and conscience of our nation".

Although we still minister overseas, we have a deep, primary concern for America, to plant the seeds of biblical revival in churches and spiritual awakening in our nation. It seems our Lord used our time overseas to prepare us for ministry here; and in fact in a sense, we feel like foreign missionaries to our own nation.

"John Anderson has long stood as an embodiment of the faithful 'Watchman' which the prophet Ezekiel described in 33:1-20. He proclaims the much needed cry of prophetic/priestly valiant compassion."

Gary Bergel, President, Intercessors For America


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