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John O. Anderson


"To speak to the heart and conscience of the nation."

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  John Anderson has written three books. Here are descriptions of each book.

A Compassionate Roar
Raising an Urgent Voice in our Window of Mercy

This is an updated and revised edition of "A Roar in Sodom."

A Roar in Sodom
The Church's Needed Voice

Sodom, the land that was so vile in the sight of the Lord, so forward in its perversion that GOD in His justice destroyed it by a rain of fire, is a reminder that GOD does not tolerate sin forever.

But surely we don't rival Sodom in aggressive, bold sinning? Or do we? Are we headed for judgment? More importantly, can there be revival? YES! But John Anderson believes we only have a "window of mercy."

Now is the time for the Church, in fresh humility and repentance, to raise its voice urgently and with tears confront society's sins and call for repentance.

Anderson examines self-delusions, blatant lies, and pride that rationalize societal sins such as bloodshed in the womb, immorality, and teaching our children to sin-evils that point to our judgment. Anderson urges churches across our nation to come together in a Solemn Assembly for corporate repentance.

The Church must cry out for a renewed heart, we must pray intercessory prayers, and we must lift a prophetic roar against wickedness as modeled by Scripture that we may be a nation forgiven by God.

Cry of Compassion
A Prophetic Call to Proclaim
Biblical Values

Clearly precisely, and fearlessly, author John Anderson charges that our nation has become a nation of bloodshed and immorality. To save it, the church must immediately stop its implicit policy of compromise and turning the other way ad become united, anointed, Christ-focused, a prophetic voice.

"This is not a book for the timid or careless," says Derek Prince.

Cry of the Innocents
Abortion and the Race
Towards Judgment

The Bible warns  God's judgment on societies that allow destruction of innocent life. Any nation spurning that warning does so at its peril.

In this timely, unique book, John Anderson draws parallels between Israel in Hosea's time and America today, between child sacrifice in the Old Testament and abortion in the United States.

This work is challenging and scriptural, provocative and informative, alarming and encouraging.

God hears the cry of the innocents, and He will not wait much longer before answering and judging the nations responsible for their deaths. Will we open our ears to hear their cry?

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"John Anderson speaks with the authority of a prophet and the heart of a
pastor. Once again, he sounds a timely trumpet that the Church must heed. May we have ears to hear the message that this modern Amos has delivered!

Rev. Rob Schenck, President, The National Clergy Council, Washington, DC


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