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August 2008

Cry Ministry
Prayer and News
John and Esther Anderson
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Dear ministry partner,

I know this is Labor Day weekend, but we wanted to share the passing of a friend; and while doing so, mention other ministry developments. Thank you for your time.
PASSING OF A PRAYING FRIEND: Today Esther and I attended the funeral of a dear friend, George Scheller, who has for years also been an intercessor for us: "Every day I pray for you pastor," he told me many times.

Some years ago George was diagnosed with melanoma cancer. It was caught early, treatment was given, and regular checkups monitored things. Things seemed to go well. But perhaps six weeks ago melanoma symptoms showed up again and an exam revealed the cancer had spread. (Esther and I were in Europe in ministry.)

George died last Sunday morning, Aug. 24. Esther and I arrived back from Europe later that day.

As we shared at the funeral, George was a close friend going back to our days as pastor. We will miss him. But much more, we will miss him as an intercessor.

George's intercession brings to mind an elderly man who faithfully interceded for us over many years. Once when I ministered in his church, he stood to say that when he went for dialysis several times a week, he used the time to intercede for us. We recall the sense of loss when that dear man passed away. The same with George.

We know there are others who intercede for us, many of you do. We are humbled by such dedication. We cherish each one of you. Prayer only goes forward by prayer.

CHANGE IN ITINERARY: The planned third ministry itinerary in Argentina which was planned to start in mid-September has been reset to November. A prime reason is that a couple of weeks ago one of the main national Argentine Christian leaders, Oswaldo Cepeda, had major surgery and will be out for three months. It now appears that having the itinerary in November will make this third itinerary a much stronger one with conferences for pastors, teaching in a seminary, and of course ministry in churches. Needless to say, it is a tremendous opportunity. Do lift it all in prayer. And pray for the added financial resources.

CHANGE OPENS TIME TO WRITE: The unexpected change in going to Argentina has an unexpected benefit: it opens an extended block of time to work on the book. That excites us: Could be time enough to finish it. Do pray.

A CHALLENGE: While we so rejoice in this block of time to focus on writing, we must say there is a challenge: the financial support to do so. We try to keep our monthly needs very modest, but they are there. Support of course has come primarily from meetings in churches (including the book table at meetings) and giving from folks such as you.

When I wrote two of my previous books, the Lord did something profound: He brought about a sudden increase in giving. It was stunning: the increase was of such a measure that although we had church meetings, I primarily focused on writing (one of the times, one couple, wanting me to write, provided income for three months --- Cry of Compassion resulted). Amazing. What a blessing!

How might the Lord provide this time? Meetings? Giving? Both? Who might He prompt? Lift it to Him.

As said, this is Labor Day weekend. Do have a good holiday.
John and Esther

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