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"To speak to the heart and conscience of the nation."

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These seminars have been given in churches across America and overseas. Intended to help plant the seeds of biblical revival

Today's Defining Hour
This seminar has a strong call to intercessory prayer for local church, pastors, community and nation. It looks at where we are as a society, where we may be headed, and the believer's strategic position in prayer.

AMONG THE TOPICS: How our society is defining itself, The believer's strategic position in prayer, Pitfalls and temptations of an intercessor and those God uses, How much should I pray? A prayer time or a prayer life? The crucial key: A heart after God, Setting our hearts toward revival in our church and community-and in our nation.

Mini-seminar: The segment from Today's Defining Hour, Pitfalls and Temptations of an Intercessor, has received such interest that a mini-seminar has emerged in its own right. The emphasis is on the particular problems that those who get into prayer or are used of the Lord can get into.

Churches God Uses
This seminar focuses on the character, the kind, of a church God uses in revival and the strategic place for such churches today.

AMONG THE TOPICS: An encouraging sign: The rising cry to see revival! The strategic place of the church. Three central character traits of a church God uses. The power of loving unity. A passion for His Presence. The proper focus of a church's ministry and message. The anointed voice of such a church. The wonderful prospect of a harvest of souls.

Hear the "Churches God Uses"  seminar!
Presented January 2002 in Indianapolis:

Churches God Uses: Part 1
(2.91MB - RealAudio). 

Churches God Uses: Part 2
(3.35MB - RealAudio). 

Churches God Uses: Part 3
(4.24MB - RealAudio).

Before the Revival Breaks
The Day of Pentecost gave birth to the Church and revival. But ahead of it was our Lord's deep work in those He used. This is a mini-seminar (can be expanded).

AMONG THE TOPICS: Our Lord's perspective on Day of Pentecost, The Lord works in us to prepare us for biblical revival, Issues in the life of the key individual for the Day of Pentecost, Disillusionment with the Cross, Defeat in a man of God, Despair in failures, The loving dealings of our Lord to restore, The revival breaks.

A Passion To Know Him!
This seminar is a newer one which focuses on having a heart after God, a deep desire to know Him in all aspects of His glorious character, His holiness, love, righteousness, justice, grace, wrath, etc.

AMONG THE TOPICS: What is Really Important? What is my deep ambition? What has set apart every true man or woman of God? Standing before our Holy Lord, Men and women God uses, The rising cry for integrity and passion, A Shepherd's Compassion, Knowing God, let us speak with a prophet's voice-Elijah, Paul, Jonah, John the Baptist.

"John Anderson is a modern-day Jonah with a message from God for America. May we return to the Lord in repentance, faith and wholehearted obedience."

Pierre Bynum, The Alliance for Revival and


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