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Stephen R. Clark

#Writer #Christian #Introvert

Oreland, Pennsylvania
Joined June 1996


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Epiphany Lane (TM) Press


77 new poems

from award-winning writer,

Stephen R. Clark...

...imbued with wit, whimsy, and wisdom, showcasing the imaginative playfulness of Clark, a student of the everyday and, most importantly, of his Creator.

What some readers are saying:

"Comfortable, observational, domestic, celebratory poems
by Oreland, PA’s rival to Billy Collins."


"You will see yourself in these poems."


From the Foreword by Robert S. "Steve" Dicken

Home Noise : new poems by Stephen R. Clark, with a Foreword by Robert S. "Steve" DickenIn Home Noise — New Poems, readers can savor Stephen’s sensory impressions of his (our) world. [T]hese poems are glimpses into our contemporary society. There are deep, provocative views of spirituality interspersed with light, whimsical views of Stephen’s — and our own — everyday world. Readers will delight in Stephen’s use of sounds and senses as well as an array of poetic devices that reveal Stephen paid attention in our English class years ago. But most of all, readers will have the opportunity to bring their own life experiences to his works and depart those printed pages with some universal truths. Stephen declares, “When I write poetry my intention is to make it accessible and inspiring. To write what connects with the heart and lifts up the imagination. That, in some way, always points to the Creator behind creation.” Again, he paid attention in class — “A poem should not mean, but be.”

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There is a droning. The fans
wag their heads slowly,
blowing hot air around,
pretending to be as cool
as the AC.

There is a giggling. The children
laughing, innocent, childish,
running, lacing the yards
together, a stitching
of pure glee.

There is a burring. The mowers
eating neighborhood lawns
making all grass equal, each
at a slightly different pitch,
gas-fueled harmonies.

There is a rumbling. The trash
cans being rolled to the street
making artificial thunder on
a cloudless cool night, the
early moon keeping watch.

There is a humming. The houses
at night, filled with just the
right people, vibrating quietly
with joy, satiated on love,
and yielding to sleep.

Home Noise : new poems by Stephen R. Clark

Home Noise : new poems by Stephen R. Clark

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We could have used more poetry in our 2016 politics. In 1985, Mario Cuomo claimed of political campaigns, “You campaign in poetry. You govern in prose.” Sadly, most of the recent campaigning has consisted of petty insults, whining, profanity, obscenity -- generally scabrous speech not fit as poetry or comprehensible speech. And when it comes to governing? Forget about it. Good prose connects people. There’s little good about what’s happening in our government or our daily discourse.

We need more poetry. Once upon a time, we were a country of great poets. Whitman, Eliot, Auden, Frost, cummings, Sandburg, and so many more. Those poets inspired our statesmen to high ideals and a better vision for moving our country forward. Now? Well, not so much. There are still great poets, but no one is listening to them. That’s just, as one candidate recently liked to quip, “Wrong.”

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Read "A Note on Poetry & Publishing" from Home Noise: Word | PDF




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