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Stephen R. Clark, CleverSmith Writing TM, Oreland, PA • (216) 333-3172, cell

Communications • Publishing • Editing • Writing • Proposal Development • Education • Social Media • Consulting • Ministry Management

Professional Writing, Communications Planning and Execution, Publishing & Publications Development, Editing, Social Media Development and Management, Intranet/Web Management & Content Development, Project/Process/Event Management, Ministry Management, Branding, Public Relations, and related.



9/16 - Present, Director of Communications Top
Huntingdon Valley Presbyterian Church (HVPC)

Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania
In my role at HVPC I seek to glorify God, facilitate better communication within the HVPC body, and help HVPC be attractive to those seeking a church family. Responsibilities include managing the website, social media, and all facets of the church's internal and external communication efforts.


3/10 - Present, Principal / Writing & Consulting Top
Stephen R. Clark,
CleverSmith Writing TM
Writing & Communications Services
Oreland, Pennsylvania
I am currently offering freelance (corporate, organizational, and individual) writing, editing, and project editing services. Recent and current clients include American Bible Society, In Touch Ministries, Christian Camp & Conference Association / InSite Magazine, inChrist Communications, Union Gospel Press, Dr. Stephen Zyzanski, Dr. Robert Fomer / Transformational Leadership Forum, Chancellor University, Cleveland Metropolitan School District, and Rev. John O. Anderson.

"Stephen quickly grasped my need for help with a specific type of speech and provided prompt, detailed reviews of every draft. He also provided solid advice on the flow of the text as well as the use of humor, providing on-target cartoons to emphasize points. He also revised the background color and pattern of my slides, having them change as my speech progressed. Complementing the editing of the text, he gave guidance on speech length, slide content and suggestions on practicing the speech. When the time came to deliver the speech, I was very confident in the end product and the speech was delivered with ease."

     -- Steve Zyzanski, Case Western Reserve University


8/09 - 3/10, Executive Director of Communications Top
Chancellor University
Cleveland, Ohio,
Reporting to the Provost and COO, I was responsible for brand management, social media, internal communications, collateral and publications development and management, Cleveland/N.E. Ohio public relations, website content management and refreshing, process management, and accreditation document development, as well as overseeing university and alumni relations efforts, events, and outreach. I established and managed on a daily basis the social media accounts.

"I had the opportunity to work with Stephen on many occasions at Chancellor University, particularly on print media and university-wide publications. Stephen's work is always impeccable and well-designed. He is open to collaboration and extremely dedicated to the communities and the missions of the organizations in which he is involved."

     -- Mary Davis, Instructional Designer

"I have witnessed Stephen's extraordinary ability to connect with students and employees...his communication talents are outstanding. Stephen would be a tremendous asset to any program and I recommend him without reservation."

     -- Vincent Palombo, Assistant Professor of Business Administration
           at Notre Dame College

"Stephen is a detailed oriented manager with a style and creativity that is unique and exemplary. Stephen is a true professional and a pleasure to work with."

     -- Todd Allyn, Economics Professor, Talk Show Host, Speaker

"Stephen's Alumni outreach on LinkIn has amplified Chancellor's commitment to dialogue and exchange with Alumni of all institutional generations."

     -- Anthony S. Bates, Tax Associate at H&R Block

2/09 - 8/09, Director of Communications Top
SignificantFederation LLC
San Diego, California / Cleveland, Ohio
Reporting the the CEO, I was responsible for internal/external communications, publications, advertising, branding, website development, e-mail newsletters, PR, and supporting accreditation document development at various schools, etc. ( is the investor group who owns and operates Chancellor University, as well as other schools.)

9/08 - 1/09, Director of Communications & Marketing Top
Chancellor University
Cleveland, Ohio
Reporting to the Provost, I was responsible for internal/external communications, publications, advertising, re-branding, getting a completely new and expanded website up within fewer than five months, e-mail newsletters, PR, and supporting accreditation document development.

"I worked with Stephen Clark at Chancellor University and highly recommend him. Stephen's work is first rate. For example, his writing and design of Chancellor newsletters and other publications was excellent. He is a high producer of quality work, is very detail oriented and works very well with others. I enjoyed working with Stephen and getting to know him during his time at Chancellor."

     -- Richard Brhel, Website Content Specialist at Cleveland Municipal Court

"When I met Stephen at Chancellor University we worked in different departments however we quickly met. As the individual in charge of communications for the entire University he quickly familiarized himself with every aspect of the operation including all of its employees. Over time Stephen became a mentor to me and provided me with invaluable advice. Someone that avoided politics and had an unwavering commitment to the success of the team, he could always be counted on to have an answer to your question.

"During the University's HLC Self Study I was selected as a subcommittee co-chair and had the opportunity to work under Stephen directly. I found his leadership and direction to consistent, concise and efficient. When content was submitted Stephen’s feedback was quick and constructive. As the document progressed Stephen regularly shared revisions with staff members and sought our criticism and comments.

"Whether writing a marketing piece or a technical document for state regulatory boards Stephen always provided the right content on time. Requested content always arrived within given guidelines and rarely needed revision. Not once were there grammatical or formatting errors in anything delivered by or under Stephen’s supervision.

"Throughout our time at Chancellor Stephen was constantly multitasking and working from different locations, virtual and on site, seamlessly and without interruption. Always available for contact, a tireless team player, and a veritable expert in his field Stephen was a pleasure to work with and a valuable asset to any team."

     -- Nicholas Bonner, Enrollment

"Stephen Clark joined the Chancellor University leadership team at a critical time just a couple of weeks before the public launch of the School’s Rebranding and Grand Opening events. He has a wonderful ability to communicate effectively both in the written form and interpersonally amongst sometimes very hectic conditions. Though my time working with Stephen has been short, I am thankful for having met him and look forward to any opportunity I have to work with him again."

     -- Doug Richardson, Creative & Strategic Marketing Executive


9/06 -8/08, Project Editor  Top
Wiley Publishing, Consumer Dummies
Indianapolis/Fishers, Indiana
I provided day-to-day contact and support for authors during the writing and development of their books. I also project managed the editorial and production schedules, illustrations, proofing, reviewing, and so forth, as well as refined the Table of Contents and help shaped the overall text. All this while keeping a close eye on multiple deadlines, handling several books at once. Books I have managed include Seasonal Affective Disorder FD, Football FD 3e, U.S. Military History FD, Intermediate Spanish FD, and The Book of Revelation FD, among others.

"I had the pleasure of working with Stephen at Wiley Publishing. He's a smart, talented, thoughtful, and detail-oriented editor, and I recommend him highly."

     -- Georgette Beatty, Senior Project Editor at John Wiley and Sons

"Stephen Clark is a highly skilled project editor. While coordinating the work on the Revelation for Dummies book, he was probing, encouraging and very perceptive in his interactions with me as an author. He has a wry sense of humor that complements his editorial skills. He was a pleasure to work with."

     -- Larry Helyer, Professor Emeritus of Biblical Studies, Taylor University

"I mentored Stephen during his first few projects with the Consumer Dummies team at Wiley. Stephen was conscientious and organized, and he had a good rapport with the authors he worked with, as well as other colleagues on the team. He made thoughtful edits and queries when editing text, and he brought good ideas to the table."

     -- Chrissy Guthrie, Senior Project Editor at John Wiley & Sons

"Stephen was a consummate project editor. His work was professional, respectful, clear, orgnized, and insightful. We learned much from having him as our editor an would work with him anytime in the future."

     -- Charles Elliott, Clinical Psychologist

"As a part of the Wiley Dummies author family, I worked with Stephen on the third edition of Grant Writing for Dummies. He is excellent in all areas of his work as a Project Editor. Stephen was tenacious in keeping the project on track; yet, he was compassionate in any life/death types of delays. I looked to him to help me bring the book to a finished and ready for publication status.
         "Most importantly, Stephen cultivated a lasting professional relationship with me as one of his authors. I highly recommend Stephen for any position that requires the following attributes:
        -Helping authors write right the first time!
        -Being honest and forthright while still retaining the team's respect!
        -Practicing due diligence in an artful and kind manner when there
               are author delays and excuses that lead to missed deadlines!
        -Striving for perfection at every level!

"[I'm a] successful author thanks to Stephen Clark!"

     -- Dr. Beverly A. Browning, Visionary


8/01 - 8/08, Principal / Consulting  Top
Stephen R. Clark, Epiphany Lane Communications
Writing & Communications Services
Fishers, Indiana
I offered similar services as I do now through CleverSmith Writing TM. My clients included Don Aycock, Michael Clifford, The Anchor Group, Newport Creative, Sallie Mae, Alpha Books, Adams Media, Zondervan, Time Life Publishing, and others.

"Stephen is a good writer, with excellent ideas and strong follow-through. I enjoyed working with him some years ago, when I acquired and edited several Christian Family Guides for Alpha Books, and wouldn't hesitate to hire him again."

     -- Randy Ladenheim-Gil, Freelance Editor and Writer

"Stephen is a gifted writer and editor, and a creative website creator. He set up my website and ran it for me for years. His work is superlative, he does what he says, and delivers it on time or early! Stephen under promises and over delivers. If you need a writer, editor, or web developer, he is your go-to guy."

     -- Don Aycock, Pastor at Liberty Baptist Church; Author of 20 books

"From the moment Stephen joined our team, communication and momentum improved. He displays a keen eye for detail while keeping the big picture out front--a great combination. He is able to break down complex goals into achievable and measurable tasks. Also of strong value to our team was Stephen's willingness to graciously call it like he sees it. His doing so brought our team to a new level of discussion and decision on matters of importance to us. I highly recommend him."

     -- Ken Cavanagh, Pastor,

I have recommended Stephen to friends and clients as a writer, web designer and they have been very satisfied with his work and enjoyed working with him. Stephen is truly a gifted writer in both short and long formats. He has both written books and edited books."

     -- Randy Sipe, President of Smart Connections, Inc.

"Stephen is simply a joy to work with on a project. I've had the opportunity to work with him on several collaborative efforts over the years and each time enjoyed his organization, professionalism and positive attitude. If more writers were as easy to work with and were as open to collaboration as Stephen, my job as an art director would be so much easier. I strongly recommend Stephen for any position or project endeavor you might have. Not only will it be executed with wit, wisdom and creativity but you'll actually enjoy coming in to work much more."

     -- Jonathon Cooper, Owner/Proprietor at Cooperata


4/98 - 7/01, Corporate Communications/PR Manager  Top
Best Access Systems (now a division of Stanley Security Systems)
Indianapolis, Indiana
Reporting to a Director and VP, I was responsible for all employee and corporate communications, public relations (non-product), community affairs, and internal publications. I also regularly interacted with senior company executives. I was deeply involved in the development of our company’s Intranet (design policies, etc.) and was responsible for corporate event planning and implementation including the annual off-site Management Conference and Sales Conference (these were held in locations such as Cancun, San Diego, and Hawaii). I also created communications policies and an evolving employee communications program where none had existed previously.

"I hired Stephen Clark after a long list of applicants, and he was an excellent Communications/PR Manager for us at BEST Access Systems. His writing was crisp, his speaking was clear, and his organizing was sharp. He also was a valued team member. I’ll never forget the surprise event he planned, where all the managers on my team took a limo ride out for lunch. Stephen will bring value to anyone he works with."

     -- Philip W. Arnold, Permanent Substitute Teacher
          and Assistant Wrestling Coach at Hamilton Southeastern Schools

"I had the pleasure of working with Stephen several times at what was then Best Lock Corporation. From the first time I met Stephen, I was impressed with his ability to take information and communicate it in a pleasant, easy-to-read style. Stephen also purposely involved himself with all levels of the organization to fully understand all aspects of the company. That resulted in a superb macro view of the organization rather than the micro view that often comes with a position that directly reports to senior leadership. Another benefit of the cross-hierarchal perspective was that Stephen was able to communicate the reality of many situations to senior leadership to ensure an educated, balanced approach to corporate direction.

"Stephen's management of external communications was equally impressive. In my position in Product Support, I consulted and worked with Stephen to craft communication of product issues, both positive and negative, and Stephen was a great help with those communications. Any organization would be safe, and wise, to entrust their communications and public relations to Stephen."

     -- Bob Cross, Security Sales Engineer, Fairchild Communication Systems

"Stephen Clark, with no staff or budget, took the previously defunct company newsletter that had essentially carried only employee service dates and children’s birth dates, and created a biweekly communication vehicle that gave information on new products and customers, how well the company was doing, information about the sales offices, and more. Before this, employee’s were very much kept in the dark about the business. With Stephen's approach, employees could take pride knowing what impact the company was having in the marketplace. We also appreciated the interviews with the CEO, VPs, and senior managers about company growth, strategy, and direction, which was something we had never experienced before. Stephen did a fine job facilitating the sharing of useful and interesting information across the company and helping employees better understand the business in which they were partners."

     -- Bruce Allen, Machine Repairman at Standard Locknut LLC


4/97 - 4/98, Proposal Specialist Top
Rolls-Royce Corporation (formerly Allison Engine Company)
Indianapolis, Indiana
Reporting to a Director, I was responsible for supporting aerospace proposal development needs for the various business units. I also helped to further the development of more consistent proposal and documentation standards, as well as helped to develop processes for archiving materials on the corporate Intranet using Documentum. Was a member of the Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP,


3/96 - 4/98, Principal / Consulting  Top
Stephen R. Clark, Writing & Communications Services
Indianapolis, Indiana
I offered similar services as I do now through
CleverSmith Writing TM. My clients included: Business & Professional Exchange, Farm Bureau, YMCA of Greater Indianapolis, Aearo, Communico, Home Therapy Systems, AT&T WorldNet, Macmillan Publishing, CashFlowPLUS, Ambassador Consulting, Moody Press, Turning Point Associates, Caskey Training Systems, among others.

Proposal Development / Process Management / Employee Communications

1/95 - 3/96, Proposal Manager  Top
AT&T Solutions, Solutions Support Center (SSC)
Morristown, New Jersey
Reporting to a Director, I provided proposal management support for telecommunications technical sales proposals, presentations, and related documentation, serving as the team leader and document project manager. These proposal teams included as few as five and as many as 50 or more members. Leading the team involved matrix-managing members drawn from a variety of disciplines as required by the Request for Proposal (RFP). I managed all proposal input and production activities, ensured proposals were responsive to client requirements, and supervised Technical Writers, Proposal Editors, and other support personnel. Additionally, I mentored SSC personnel and served as resident subject matter expert in the area of proposal development and document publishing.

4/94 - 1/95, Senior Technical Writer  Top
AT&T Solutions, Sales Response Center (SRC)
Bridgewater, New Jersey
Reporting to a Director, I provided writing, editing, and production coordination, as well as proposal support for telecommunication sales proposals, presentations, and related documentation, supporting the Proposal Managers. I also provided proposal and process training to proposal teams, and developed document publishing standards, templates, and systems standards. I served as primary mentor for new personnel, and was one of four founding members of the SRC. I served as the primary writer and a key contributor to our proposal development quality standards and process methods and procedures and served as one of the trainers / presenters giving sessions on our process to various personnel.

11/92 - 4/94, Senior Technical Writer  Top
AT&T Business Communications Services
ACCUMASTER Management Services (AMS), Sales Support
Bridgewater, New Jersey
Reporting to a Director, as the sole AMS Technical Writer, I provided writing, editing, and graphics support for telecommunications sales proposals, presentations, and related documentation. I also provided team management and logistics support for a large special project and developed documentation standards, templates, and other materials which were distributed throughout AMS.

Finally, in early 1993, I was assigned to a telecommunications outsourcing project involving Chase Manhattan Bank. I managed the documentation of data-gathering efforts, provided project management assistance, supervised two temporary employees, as well as provided writing, editing, graphics, and document publishing support. During this project I interfaced with senior AT&T and Chase executives, provided documentation support at the final negotiation/contracting sessions, organized and facilitated a week-long Chase Project win review, and then wrote the win review document. This document served as a key input into AT&T's new outsourcing business, AT&T Solutions.

4/92 - 11/92, Employee Communications Manager Top
AT&T Treasury, Quality & Organizational Effectiveness Group
Berkeley Heights, New Jersey
Reporting to a Director, I was responsible for managing communication channels within AT&T Treasury, which included producing a bimonthly employee newsletter, T-NOTES. Formerly a quarterly newsletter, I redesigned T-NOTES, enlisted a larger more active volunteer staff, and instituted a reader response card. I assisted with coordinating special video productions and conferences, managed a quarterly recognition program, consulted on several quality and focus groups, managed the distribution of Treasury information releases, and developed collateral materials for college recruiting.

I frequently interacted with senior AT&T executives and established an employee "Sound-Off!" channel where feedback could be provided via e-mail, fax, company mail, U.S. mail, phone mail, or in person. This allowed employees to share concerns, issues, complaints, questions, and other comments, anonymously if desired. Prior to my leaving Treasury, at least three very sensitive issues which required the involvement of senior management were satisfactorily resolved. I also established a Treasury news fax system which allowed important announcements to be distributed simultaneously to hundreds of sites across the country.

1/91 - 4/92, B&P Quality & Process Manager  Top
AT&T Network Systems
(now Lucent Technologies)
International Bid & Proposal Operations,

Quality & Process Management Group
Berkeley Heights, New Jersey
Reporting to a Director, I was responsible for developing and documenting various telecommunication B&P processes, communicating process changes and improvements to the organization, and developing and implementing related training. I also helped develop scripts and overheads for executive presentations given by our Director and our Vice President; wrote, edited, and published the first B&P Procedures Manual, and facilitated several quality teams to baseline and benchmark processes to clarify customer-supplier relationships and requirements.

4/88 - 1/91, Proposal Integrator  Top
AT&T Network Systems
(now Lucent Technologies)

International Sales Operations,

Bids & Proposals Development Group
Basking Ridge / Berkeley Heights, New Jersey
Reporting to a Director, I was responsible for coordinating all aspects of the writing, editing, and publishing of telecommunications sales proposals. I wrote and rewrote Executive Summaries, cover letters, and other marketing sections and was the Proposal Integrator for several major proposals, including the Korea $29M cellular and the Telmex $150M fiber optic wins. I also developed standard sales proposal preparation procedures, initiated the use of standard publishing/editing practices, organized the document retention and tracking system, and led the effort to move from UNIX terminals to PCs and desktop publishing methods.

I organized and ran several organization-wide meetings and events at the Director and VP level including, at the direction of our VP, the 1989 organization-wide Help For A Troubled World! Project to address improving areas such as communication, training, morale, recognition, standardizing processes, etc. The project spanned more than a year, involved dozens of individuals (including upper management to the VP level) working in several small teams, and was included as part of our division's Malcolm Baldrige Award application. Subsequently, I was awarded a Silver Award in 1989, along with others in Network Systems who were deemed to have made significant contributions to the business during the previous year.

"Stephen was a pleasure to work with at AT&T Solutions. He is extremely professional, hard working, customer focused and a forward thinker. He is motivated to do his best in his professional career. He was well respected throughout the organization as a Proposal Manager and I highly recommend him and would gladly work with him in the future if the opportunity should ever arise."

     -- Carol Holzer, Vendor Relations at Dun and Bradstreet

"Stephen is a team player and consistently contributed to the engagement teams at AT&T. He struck the right balance between staying in process and getting the deliverables out the door to the client."

     -- Michael Quattro, Results oriented project
             and proposal management professional


8/86 - 4/88, Managing Editor  Top
Publishing, Inc. (now Bridge-Logos Publishing)
South Plainfield, New Jersey
Reporting to a Managing Director, I was the primary person responsible for acquiring, editing, and rewriting manuscripts; working with freelancers and authors; marketing; and coordinating all book production. I also edited and developed more than 20 titles and was involved in all phases of the company's operations. I helped coordinate our involvement in the CBA trade shows and handled publicity and marketing, writing promotional, catalog, and ad copy, placing ads, and so on. I trimmed our large backlist to a manageable size, completely rewrote the catalog, initiating cover redesigns on our bestsellers, and acquired significant new titles that were well-received in the marketplace.


7/84 - 8/86, Principal / Consulting Top
Stephen R. Clark, Writing & Communications Services
Findlay, Ohio
I offered writing, ghostwriting (books, articles), editing, publicity writing, graphic design, newsletters, marketing, and consulting. Some of my clients included Harper & Row, Here's Life Publishers, Kuss Corporation, WTLW-TV 44, James Peter Associates, Prentice-Hall, Findlay Area Arts Council, and others.


7/83 - 7/84, Director of Public Information & Publications  Top
Bluffton College (now Bluffton University)
Bluffton, Ohio
I was responsible for supervising a volunteer staff of up to 10 students; covering all aspects of college news and sports activities; writing, editing, and designing all college publications; developing print ads, radio spots, and TV commercials; and working with area media; marketing the college. I also assisted with alumni fundraising efforts through developing materials and organizing events, and served as an advisor to several student publications. Additionally, I redesigned all of the college publications giving them a fresher, more contemporary and unified look.


11/82 - 7/83, Principal / Consulting Top
Stephen R. Clark, Writing & Communications Services
Findlay, Ohio
I offered similar services as I do now through CleverSmith Writing TM. Some of my clients included Harper & Row, Here's Life Publishers, Kuss Corporation, WTLW-TV 44, James Peter Associates, Prentice-Hall, Findlay Area Arts Council, among others.


8/80 - 11/82, Senior Editor   Top
Christian Bookseller magazine, Christian Life, Inc. (now Christian Retailing)
Wheaton, Illinois
Reporting to the Publisher and President, I was responsible for all editorial, design, production, and marketing for this controlled circulation trade magazine with a monthly circulation of 10,000. I initiated a complete redesign of the magazine (bringing it out of the 50s into the 80s) and expanded editorial coverage. I also created an expanded book review section which included brief reviews of every Christian / religious book published each month (that we were aware of). This involved utilizing a group of up to 25-30 volunteer reviewers, most of them located in the Chicago area. I also coordinated our involvement in the CBA trade show.

My other responsibilities included editorial work for Christian Life Magazine, interviewing prominent Christian personalities, doing editing and writing cover copy for Creation House Books, working as an instructor for Christian Writers Institute, writing fundraising letters for Christian Life Missions, and writing and designing ads and direct mail for all divisions of Christian Life, Inc. After being at the magazine only six months, Bob Walker, the Publisher, came into my office and handed me a letter saying, "This is really for you." The letter was from Ken Taylor, president of Tyndale House Publishers and author of The Living Bible. In the letter Mr. Taylor stated that he was thoroughly impressed with the changes and improvements that had occurred in Christian Bookseller over the previous few months.

Religious Publishing, Security, Aerospace, Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Consulting, Book Publishing, Magazine Publishing, Education, Sales, Retail, Construction, Education, Christian Ministry, and more.

Evangel University, Springfield, MO (B.A. in English [with writing emphasis]
& Biblical Studies, with a Psychology Minor)
Southwest Missouri State University, Springfield, MO

Theology & Ministry:
2015 Certificate in Theology and Ministry (In process)
Princeton Theological Seminary

2010 Basics Conference: A Conference for Pastors on Preaching,

2013 Modern & Contemporary American Poetry
University of Pennsylvania, Coursera MOOC

International Association of Business Communicators (IABC):
Cleveland IABC, Nonprofit Communication in a Digital Age Work, workshop, March 2010.
IABC Heritage Conference, attended several social media and communication related workshops, November 2009.

IUPUI courses (HR Certificate Program):
(June, 1997) Introduction to Human Resources Management,
Recruitment Interviewing & Selection, Train the Trainer;
(Fall, 1997) Developing Effective Training Programs,
Employee & Labor Relations; (Spring, 1998) Compensation.

Selected courses, AT&T School of Business (1988-1996):
Contracting for Project Managers, Direct Marketing Techniques,
Introduction to Marketing, Introduction to Project Management,
Leadership for the Future, Managing & Improving Processes
with Quality, Managing Organizational Conflict, Managing
People & Performance, Mini-MBA, Project Management Essentials,
Team Leader Training.

Technical Sales Proposal Training
Several workshops provided on-site by Shipley Associates (


  • (Current) Evangelical Press Association (EPA,

  • (Current) National Association of Evangelicals (NAE,

  • (Past) International Association of Business Communicators
    (IABC, (Served as VP & President of the Cleveland, OH chapter)

    "It was a distinct pleasure to work with Stephen Clark during his tenure as president of IABC Cleveland and mine as a board member and programming co-chair. Stephen's leadership, organizational, interpersonal, and public relations skills were apparent as he stepped into this role and led our organization to take on new challenges with fresh energy and optimism balanced by careful planning. I think highly of Stephen and recommend him wherever communications talent, skill and leadership are essential."

          -- Paula DePasquale, Principal at Prima Public Relations

    "I had the pleasure of working with Stephen both during his tenure as vice president and as president of the Cleveland Chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC). Stephen did a great job of recruiting talent for the board, driving the upgrade to the chapter's website, and ensuring timely, engaging communications to members. Under his guidance, the quality of the programming and events continued to be strong and valuable for IABC members and prospective members alike."

         -- Sharon Lamcha, VP, Corporate Communications Manager, PNC

    "I worked with Stephen on the International Association of Business Communications (IABC) – Cleveland chapter’s board where he proved time and again that he works well under pressure. When Stephen stepped into the IABC Cleveland’s vice president role, the chapter year was in full swing. With little guidance and many deadlines in front of him, Stephen showed himself to be a self-starter who possessed managerial experience, along with relationship management and direction setting capabilities. A case in point is the work he did on the chapter’s new awards program, Reach for the Top. He managed IABC’s student scholarship efforts and handled details around the Communicator of the Year award, helping to ensure the new program was a success. It was a trial by fire and Stephen did an admirable job"

         -- Kavita Sherman, President, Sherman Communications LLC

    "His work as vice president (and later, president) of IABC Cleveland proves that Stephen is fearless. When I first met Stephen, he was a new IABC member. I noted his quiet personality. But next thing I knew, he was running our chapter! Stephen isn't afraid to jump in with both feet, stand in front of the group and start leading. As an IABC board member, he's helped develop a healthy schedule of innovative programs and events, attracted new members, unveiled a new chapter website, and served as a social media dynamo. But most impressive to me, he has vastly improved our member communications with his clean, clear, fun-to-read writing style."

         -- Kate Rein, Independent Writing and Editing Professional

    "Stephen and I served together on the IABC Cleveland chapter board, and I wholeheartedly endorse his leadership, good humor and talent! He also has been an excellent president, as we all knew he would be. I'm proud to have served with Stephen and wish him well."

         -- Sean Williams, Communication Ammo


  • (Past) Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP,

  • (Past) Society for Technical Communication (STC,

  • (Past) Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ,

  • (Past) Evangelical Christian Publishers Association (ECPA, 

  • (Past) Public Relations Society of America (PRSA,

MINISTRY – I have delivered sermons on short-term missions trips to Mexico and served as a leader on those trips; organized small groups and small group training; facilitated small group study; served as Sunday school superintendent and teacher; organized volunteers and schedules for nursery and other support services; managed communications efforts for churches, including news releases, publications development, email newsletters, web site management, and social media; served on church growth committees; facilitated workshops; coordinated special all-church studies which included handling communications and small group leader training; as well as provided other preaching, teaching, administrative, and communications support.

BOOK PUBLISHING - I oversaw the consolidation of backlist; acquired several new titles; built and maintained relationships with every author; reviewed all manuscripts; supervised production staff and freelance editorial support; developed more than 20 titles in two years; developed and placed ads; coordinated all marketing efforts; served on the corporate executive management team and helped set strategy and planning for the company. Top

BUSINESS PROCESS IMPROVEMENT - I initiated and led a business-unit wide project coordinating more than a dozen sub-teams to address improving areas such as internal communication, training, morale, cross-group interaction, recognition, process, and more. The year long effort involved VPs and other executive level managers. As a result I won a Sliver Award and many of changes implemented are still in place. I also served as the primary writer for three proposal process manuals. Top

CORPORATE & EMPLOYEE COMMUNICATIONS - I developed multiple channels to provide critical and timely communication to employees scattered over the U.S. and several global locations; established employee "Sound Off!" channel allowing employees to share concerns, issues, complaints anonymously with executive leadership; facilitated improved open and honest communications between executive leadership and staff; mediated the process of addressing sensitive issues; promoted diversity awareness; assisted in coordinating training opportunities; developed executive level presentations; organized and facilitated events for and involving VPs and other executive level corporate managers; developed college recruiting materials; developed sales support material aimed at external (global and Fortune 500) clients; developed internal communications and community relations plans in support of strategic objectives. Top

EVENT PLANNING - I coordinated off-site team meetings and conferences in a variety of locations for groups of 12 - 100+; led site selection efforts; coordinated with outside event planning agencies; specified event requirements; oversaw all details of events from meeting needs to banquets; coordinated arrangements with event services vendor; held vendors accountable to budget. Top

MAGAZINE PUBLISHING - I coordinated redesign of national trade magazine; developed ads, direct mail, and other marketing materials; supervised production staff; maintained editorial calendars; reviewed incoming manuscripts; significantly expanded the book review section using dozens of volunteer reviewers; obtained all new columnists; served on the corporate executive management team and helped set strategy and planning for the company; received kudos for improvements from publishing industry leaders. Top

PROPOSAL MANAGEMENT & DEVELOPMENT - I coordinated proposal teams of five to 50+ people; developed technical sales proposals from a few pages in length to as many as 40 volumes; provided proposal development to teams, support providers, executives, and others; developed proposal style guides and process manuals; built proposals in a virtual environment working with globally deployed resources; managed full range of resources and support services such as graphics services, word processing, printing, etc.; trained proposal teams in professional sales proposal writing techniques. Top

PUBLICATIONS MANAGEMENT - I developed monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly publications, brochures, news releases, catalog, viewbook, and all other publications for college; coordinated large and small print orders with book and other printers; coordinated use of outside vendors (graphics, typesetting, editors, writers, etc.). Top

PUBLIC RELATIONS - I coordinated all PR efforts of companies, college, magazine, and book publishing company; have handled media and community relations for a variety of groups. Top

TRAINING - I developed and conducted organization wide skills assessment evaluation; issued reports to each individual and supervisors; developed proposed training plan for each individual to address skill gaps; coordinated the development and delivery of Negotiations Training and Proposal Training; conducted brief informal training sessions / seminars on various topics. Top

WRITING - I have written on a wide variety of topics, both technical and non-technical, aimed at diverse audiences; developed articles, collateral materials, news releases, scripts, ad copy, software manuals, etc.; ghostwritten books; developed print communications materials for churches and organizations; gathered information and reported on individuals and projects for news items; conducted research using the Internet to gather information for articles. I can write about almost anything in almost any style as needed. Top



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